Gatwick - Grizzle

  • Track Type: Motocross
  • Description: Our first fully complete track. Most of the stuff you see comes from either idk or JGMX. The tile info comes from JGMX: fun track 2016. made over the course of a weekend, only a short track but you can hit multiple lines and get some fast lap times. In Testing the quickest time was a 1:26.9 on a 450f set by dumbelly who helped me on the track. I ran a 1:27.6 on a 250f and also got a 1:28.4 on a 125. Enjoy!
  • 22.40 MB

Average Rating

Displacement Map: 4.0
Textures: 3.0
Objects: 3.0
Environment: 4.0
Realism: 4.0
Fun Factor: 4.0
Overall: 3.7

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Displacement Map: 4
Textures: 3
Objects: 3
Environment: 4
Realism: 4
Fun Factor: 4
Overall: 3.7

This track is actually pretty great for a first release, just a couple things:

1. Avoid using the stock objects. They look really bland compared to their custom counterparts. I'd also say avoid using really old objects as well like the Renthal banners because those are a bit overused.

2. Figure out your ruts and braking bumps. Try to do all your berms and ruts with one click in gradient add mode, with a focus of zero, and try to make your ruts and berms non-concentric to make it feel real. Also, don't use gradients for making braking bumps, use the raise/lower tool with a very small radius and zero focus to rough in the bumps, then use the smooth tool with a low strength value to clean it up.

3. Finally, go into your timing_gate file and add to the first lap and normal lap lines to add more timing gates to the track. Currently you only have five (0-4) and that's just not enough.

Other than these things, this track is very solid, especially for a first release. Keep it up!


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