Rinaldi Monster Yamaha - Goardy

  • Content Type: Skin
  • Description: Replica of the 2008 Factory Monster Yamaha team GP bike.
    I put a very large amount of time and effort into this skin, and details such as the carbon fibre parts have been meticulously added.
    Thanks goes to DJ for the majority of the metal parts (although almost nothing was left unchanged)

    The bike is called "monsteryamaha" ingame.

  • 2.33 MB

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Style: 4.5
Detail: 4.0
Accuracy/Creativity: 4.5
Wow Factor: 4.0
Overall: 4.3

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Style: 4
Detail: 4
Accuracy/Creativity: 4
Wow Factor: 4
Overall: 4.0

You would have gotten a higher score if you changed the bars, triple clamps and pipe. But overall, a sweet bike

Style: 5
Detail: 4
Accuracy/Creativity: 5
Wow Factor: 4
Overall: 4.5

Man this is by far my favorite Yamaha in real life. This is a very good replica of the real thing and it looks awesome in game. The detail on the plastic and carbon fiber is awesome. I feel the metal parts could still use some work but it is still among the best I have seen for MXS. Great job.


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Do I need any wireframe to use this skin??
Cuz im trying to use it...but the bike kinda disapeared hahaha


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