KTM 125 2015 ARGENTINA - GiGi

  • Content Type: Skin
  • Description: This is my first skin. Hope you like it :D
  • 14.73 MB

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Style: 3.0
Detail: 3.0
Accuracy/Creativity: 3.0
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Style: 3
Detail: 3
Accuracy/Creativity: 3
Wow Factor: 3
Overall: 3.0

can you please tell the key? :D i see what that file says abouot the key, but still cant find it xd


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whats the key to files? cant find it, i know what it says about the key but still cant figure it :/

The download contains also the model of ktm 2015 :D

Let's see if you can guess the key word (it's easy, read carefully the folder in the file). IF THE FILE CONTAINS NOTHING RATE 1

SM wheels can be found in this site


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