2001 Honda CR 250 - suzukiozark

  • Content Type: Skin
  • Description: Here's a skin of a stock 2001 Honda CR 250 for MX TEAM's new 250 model!

    Credits are in the zip folder named: Credits

  • 2.75 MB

Average Rating

Style: 4.2
Detail: 3.8
Accuracy/Creativity: 4.2
Wow Factor: 4.2
Overall: 4.1

Bike Reviews
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Style: 1
Detail: 1
Accuracy/Creativity: 1
Wow Factor: 1
Overall: 1.0

does not work

Style: 5
Detail: 5
Accuracy/Creativity: 5
Wow Factor: 5
Overall: 5.0

finally some one released 250 2 smokes great job

Style: 5
Detail: 5
Accuracy/Creativity: 5
Wow Factor: 5
Overall: 5.0

érezd magad jól...nem nagy kunszt...

Style: 5
Detail: 4
Accuracy/Creativity: 5
Wow Factor: 5
Overall: 4.8

very good!!!!!!! mabye you could of put the honda logo next to the name but overall good job.

Style: 4
Detail: 3
Accuracy/Creativity: 4
Wow Factor: 4
Overall: 3.8

Its pretty good, could be a bit more detailed with the engine.

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Bike Discussion
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I love you this is my exact bike!!!!

Make sure that you`re taking only the .png image from the zip folder and placing it directly to your models and skins folder, do not place it in any folders inside folders if you know what I mean.

No like the bike doesn't work in the game

PureMXS download link does that sometimes, here's the link to this skin.


And MX Team's model:


like it doesn't work. I have mx teams new model or maby I don't can you send me the link? and as soon as it works i'll give it a 5 :)

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